Multimedia Broadcast

The Paly Drone

About: When my journalism program became the nation’s first to purchase and employ an autonomous aerial quadcopter — a drone — I and a friend were eager to document its arrival as part of a response to a prompt by the White House Film Festival about technology in education.

[Note: not made in connection with any journalism publication]

Awards: Honorable Mention, 2014 White House Student Film Festival; Palo Alto High School Sound & Vision Film Festival Critic’s Choice Award.

Buena Vista Rally, March 9th

Published: March 11, 2015; via

About: Following up on the story I co-wrote about the Buena Vista mobile home park, I helped lead a team of six Verde reporters in covering a Buena Vista rally outside the city hall. I wrote, edited and shot the video, while also using photos from various other reporters (all credited at the end). I then published the video through Verde’s website.

InEquitable Food Access 

About: East Palo Alto only has one full service grocery store while affluent Palo Alto has eight. I interviewed people about the food offered at stores in each city to expose the effects of inequitable food access. I shot and edited the footage; my partner for this school project helped interview subjects.

[Note: as this was made originally for a class project and never formally published, copyright music was used].

Downtown Streets Team

PublishedDec. 2014. Online at

About: To further highlight the positive impact of Downtown Streets Team, an organization that works with homeless individuals, I attended one of their weekly meetings and captured the process of homeless man getting a job. Ultimately, the video served as my digital component to complement a print article I co-wrote.

Palo Alto International Film Festival

PublishedJan. 2013. Palo Alto International Film Festival Website.PAIFF

About: I asked the PAIFF coordinator if I could be a videographer for the film festival. I received a press pass, and then spent three days running around capturing footage which I turned into a recap video. (Verde profiled my work as shown on the right, before I joined).

[Note: not made in connection with any journalism publication, copyright music used]

Life Long Learners: The Story of the Ohlone Colonial Simulation

About: Ohlone Elementary School uses project-based learning to teach its students, including a colonial simulation depicting the events leading up to the revolutionary war. I collected eight hours of footage and produced a 33 minute documentary which has been shown as far away as China to showcase the school’s teaching methods.

[Note: not made in connection with any journalism publication]

Kick for Charity

About: I produced this video to highlight a local youth soccer camp, Kick for Charity, which is entirely run by high school students, the majority of whom attend Palo Alto High School.

[Note: not made in connection with any journalism publication]


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