I’m a He, Not a Question Mark

Published: October, 2013. Verde, Volume 15.1

About: While the story primarily focused on a 15-year-old trans student, I made the ethical decision to keep him anonymous avoid showing his picture to keep him out of the spotlight. Instead, I searched for trans alumni who were older/more confident with their new identities and used photos of them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.38.09 PM

The First in Their Families

Published: December, 2014, Verde, Vol. 16.2

 About: I wanted to highlight the many different faces of first generation college students because most people at my school are unaware of the challenges that this group of students face. I also chose to prominently feature Jaime Torres, a father who made tremendous sacrifices for his son’s education.

First Gen Real First Gen Spread 2

 The First in Their Families Cover Photo

Published: December, 2014, Verde, Vol. 16.2

About: To convey the sense of accomplishment that Jaime Torres felt I used a meta-image of him in which he holds a photo of his son with a teacher after graduation.The cover underscored the idea that Paly students, teachers and parents work together to enable first generation students to reach their goals.

First Gen Cover

Cannabis Controversy

Published: November, 2013, Verde, 15.2

 About: I attempted to take an objective look at California’s medical marijuana industry. While I gained access to a clinic and had many photos I could have used I wanted to avoid using images that could potentially bias a reader. The shadows represent the potential dark underside of the industry.

Cannabis Spread 2 Cannabis Spread Real

Cleaning the Streets

Published: April, 2014, Verde Vol. 15.4

 About: My reporting partner and I sought to humanize Palo Alto’s homeless population through a layout which presented the homeless in a dignified, positive way as they went about their work with the Downtown Streets Organization.

DTS Spread

Shattering the Crystal Ball

Published: April, 2014, Verde Vol. 15.4

 About: In drawing readers into the inside lives of four psychics for a story about clairvoyants, I chose to first address the reader’s bias. I showed a shattered crystal ball along with other stereotypical psychic props to convey to the reader that their illusions of psychics were about to be broken.


Psychic Title Page


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